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C5 (1997-2004) parts

New service parts for C5 Corvettes

Call for details of our bodykits to transform the appearance of your C5 Corvette!

Plus see C6 wheel options for your C5 below.

(Special thanks to the following C5 owners whose cars are shown on this page:)

  • Duncan Thomas: black C5
  • Ian Gordon: red C5
  • Denis Bailey: silver C5


Contact Eurovettes here!

Chrome wheels inc C6 style wheels for your C5 (with correct offset for C5 Corvettes!



Contact Eurovettes here!


We offer service items and consumables for C5 Corvettes from GM and approved suppliers at discount prices. Please have the following details of your car to hand.

Year of Corvette (1997-2003)

Engine type (e.g. LS-1, LS-5)

Any modifications?

Then contact us and we'll place your order for you.

Oil filter
Oil - Mobil 1 (5w-30) in US quarts
Air filter
Fuel filter
Transmission filters
Tyres - run-flats or a choice of makes

For a wide range of C5 performance exhaust systems from quality manufacturers, please click here.