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Why Choose Eurovettes for your Corvette parts?

We source parts from reputable suppliers such as Mid-America, Ecklers, and General Motors. You can simply email/fax/phone us with the order numbers from the current Mid-America or Ecklers catalogues and your order will be made for you.
We ship regularly from the States and our bulk buying power and established relationships with our suppliers and shippers means reduced prices to our customers.
If incorrect part(s) are supplied to you due to a mistake made by the supplier we will return the part(s) with no return shipping charges being made to you. Anyone who has ordered parts themselves from the USA and received an incorrect or damaged order will tell you how much trouble and cost (shipping, duty, VAT charges) can be involved in returning parts to the USA, especially large or heavy packages.
When you order parts through Eurovettes our advice is free. If you are not sure which part(s) to choose or need advice you can ask before placing your order. For example you may want to know why one make of brake pad is more expensive than another or if you have a modified car you may wish to know if you need an uprated part or if a stock part will be sufficient for your needs.
When you contact Eurovettes you are dealing with enthusiasts, not just a business. We are interested in keeping your Corvette on the road and maximising the enjoyment of the marque for enthusiasts like yourself. Most of our customers have used Eurovettes regularly for years - we value repeat business and like to stay in contact.