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UK light conversion kits for C4 Corvettes

New service parts for C4 Corvettes
Oil filter

We offer service items and consumables for C4 Corvettes from GM and approved suppliers at discount prices. Please have the following details of your car to hand.

Year of Corvette (1984-1996)

Engine type (e.g. L98, LT1, LT5)

Any modifications?

Then contact us and we'll place your order for you.

Oil - Mobil 1 (5w-30) in US quarts
Air filter
Spark plugs
Plug wires
Fuel filter
Transmission filters
C4 Exhaust systems C4 dual exhaust Do you have a bad rear Y-pipe? This is the most common failure point on a C4. Why not replace the whole system with a manifold-back free flow system in aluminized steel or stainless steel. No need for cat convertors in the UK for pre-92 cars. Complement the system with your choice of mufflers for different sounds. Benefits include: cooler running, better sound, more power and torque, smoother running.
C4 light kits UK light conversion kits for C4 Corvettes
C5 wheels for your C4! Update your C4 with C5 chrome wheels. Various styles available including "2000 style" chrome as shown:
Update your C4!


Remanufactured parts for C4 Corvettes
Starter motor Available for: L98 350, LT1/LT4, ZR1-LT5 Your old core unit must be suitable for remanufacturing.
Alternator Available for: L98 350, LT1/LT4, ZR1-LT5
Steering rack Reconditioned with all new seals. Lose that wandering feeling! All C4, please specify year of car and whether base suspension/ Z51/Z52/Z07.
CD head unit Please specify year of car and whether unit is CD only or cassette/CD and if Delco Bose Gold.
Radio receiver The radio receiver is a seperate unit from the head unit and is located either behind the passenger-side hush panel or in the passenger-side rear storage compartment on later Corvettes. Please specify details as for head unit.
Amplifier/speaker enclosure Please specify year of car, whether unit is Bose/Bose Gold/ non-Bose, front or rear, left or right.
ECU 84-85 remanufactured £110.00, (86-89 £120.00)