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We run technical workshops to help you keep your late model running as it should. We cover routine maintenance issues including electrical diagnosis. The next workshop date is to be confirmed so please check back often for updates. Corvette workshop
Shown below were the key areas covered at one of our workshops, held at the CCCUK Corvette Nationals at Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, UK.
  1. Computer diagnosis of Corvette C4 models (incl. 81&82 models).
  2. Focus on the 84 to 96 models.
  3. Practical advice on simple maintenance procedures.
  4. Tips on checking used 84+ Corvettes.
  5. What to look for when buying a C4.
  6. Explanation of the basic computer differences between the models.
  7. Introduction to 1982+ Corvettes to trouble code analysis.
  8. Basic understanding of C4 trouble code diagnosis.
  9. Easy preventative maintenance.
For more tech tips and more on late model computer diagnosis, see our tech and more C4 tech tips pages.