Vin number checking Corvette weather is here. Don't these cars look great! If you are looking to buy a Corvette do your research before getting caught up in the wow of the car itself.

When inspecting a Corvette, check the validity of the car. Late model cars are not all as genuine as they seem. Cheap cars are only cheap for a reason, be sure you are satisfied before buying. A lot of cars are appearing from Europe lately and the verification of these and any car is essential. All European cars require the chassis or VIN number to be visible on the chassis, normally etched on the front rails near either of the headlights or a plate is riveted to the hood latch bracket. Ensure these match the factory VIN plate on the drivers side front of the windscreen.

Inspect the factory plate, the rivets are special GM ONLY types and have a clover leaf appearance, anything else should be questioned. There is no need that I can see for this plate to be removed at any time unless the car had been seriously damaged and repaired.

The labels should be correct and not tampered with. Check the drivers door edge, this shows the VIN number of the car too. This is also a good guide to see if the car has been repainted (masking etc). These labels cannot be reproduced and have a clear cover which comes off if any attempt to remove is made, leaving just the printed sticker on the car.

The Option codes label also has the VIN number on it, on 84-87 this is in the compartment behind the driver seat, on 87+ it is on the underside of the centre console lid.

There is a 'secret' stamping on the chassis that many people do not know about, if you have any doubt about a car then give me a ring I will tell you the location of the stamping so that it can be checked.

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