Warning- Do not lose your ignition keys!

VATS NOT GOOD! (86+ Corvettes) This advice is given after one of my customers had an unfortunate incident (involving Alcohol) which caused him to lose his Corvette keys. Aside from the joking and laughing- its damn serious, the car can't be started without that key with the pellet gizmo. And it can be expensive to solve the problem.

There are 15 different ignition VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys to choose so , I wholly recommend a little insurance prior to any disaster. The measuring of these keys is not rocket science, all they are is resistors, get yourselves an OHM meter and read the Ohm resistance reading from front to back of the pellet.

Do this a few times to check the result is consistent. With that reading, phone me and I can convert that reading into one of the 15 key numbers. If you need to order a spare at any time you will then have the correct number to hand.

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